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Survival and 1.7

Published 2014-02-02

The update of Sneyersul Survival to 1.7 is on hold for now. We are aiming to have it done by summer. Thank you for understanding.

Update: The survival server has now been updated to 1.7.2! Please let us know on the forums if you encounter any bugs.

News regarding survival

Published 2013-11-09

The survival server has been under maintenance for the past day due to plugin issues. This has now been resolved and the survival server should run a bit smoother now. We will also be getting a new survival world for 1.7 so that we can explore the new biomes. We don't have a set date yet but we'll try to keep you posted.

Network issues

Published 2013-11-06

We are currently experiencing network issues. This is on our data center's end, so we can't do anything but to wait for them to get it fixed. Don't worry - no data will be lost, the server will just be down for a period between 10 minutes and couple of hours. Update: we are back up after ~15 minutes of downtime.